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This product is easy to dose with the dropper.
My dog seems to be in a great calm state.
Thank you!! :) Tara

"My dog Kap is not just a pet, He is my eyes and ticket to safe, dignified mobility.
Kap is a Gift of Mobility from Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc.. Hi s work is flawless
when in harness and working, his behavior is impeccable, however, at home is another
story. Around the house he has the freedom to be "just a dog" and he takes advantage
of that. He's a German Shepherd and herds everything that moves in the house, the cat,
our other dog Maggie, my wife, a fly if one gets in the door. He becomes so hyper and
uncontrollable, by virtue of his strength and size, I have been unable to handle him
when he gets like that. There was a definite possibility of early retirement for him. Then
the bottle of Dakara's Calming Essence for Pets arrived...4 drops on his tongue and 15
minutes later he was the gentleman I work with when he's in harness. He responds to
obedience commands immediately, with no need to repeat or correct his action."
A.W. Palmetto, FL

"My dog & pet cockatiel take Dakara's Calming Essence for Pets before they get
their nails clipped, it seems to take all their anxiety away during this activity."
C. McGonagle. Portland, OR

"My adopted cat started acting odd - not coming when called, not allowing anyone
to pet her. She also started clawing a chair and urinating on the carpet. After using
the Dakara's Calming Essence for Pets for one week, she started using the litter box
and also wasn't interested in eating her food if the Dakara's Calming Essence for
Pets wasn't added to it."
D. Andre Kirkland, WA

"My Pomeranian lives with four cats. Being a "pack animal" he decided he was
the master and leader of the cats. He spent much of his time bossing them around,
barking at them when he felt they were out of line. When given Dakara's Calming
Essence for Pets, he would quiet down and take a nap."
N. Lucerno Woodinville, WA

"Two years ago my cat started pulling her fur out. At first, I ignored it. A few weeks
later, I took her into the vet for observation. The vet could find nothing wrong with
her. After ruling out any food allergies, I didn't know what to do. I tried discipline
and giving her more love and attention. Nothing I did worked. I finally tried a bottle
of Dakara's Calming Essence for Pets. By the time we reached the end of the bottle,
she was still pulling her fur out, so I didn't buy another bottle right away. My cat started
to get  worse and started pulling out more fur in another spot on her body. By this time
I was desparate. It occurred to me that maybe I didn't give her the Dakara's Calming
Essence for Pets long enough to work or maybe I hadn't given her enough of it, so I
decided to give it another try. The second time, I increased her dosage a little bit and
stuck with it for two bottles. Finally, I noticed she was no longer pulling out her fur
and now her fur has almost completely grown back in. Once two weeks ago, she didn't
get her Dakara's Calming Essence for Pets and started tugging at her fur again. I know
she may need to be on it a long time, but that's okay because Dakara's Calming Essence
for Pets is reasonably priced, natural and has no side effects. Plus, it beats having to
vacuum twice as often and explain to company that my cat doesn't have mange.
M. Sincovec Kirkland, WA

My littlest Chihuahua, Mikey, gets nervous sometimes when we first get in my husband’s
diesel truck to go on a trip. So I give him a few drops of the calming
essence and he settles down peacefully. He does not seem to mind the taste of it
either, which is a good thing. I can’t really tell that it “sedates” him or anything;
it just helps him be “calm.”
Thanks very much!

L. Miller North Carolina

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 Dakara's Calming Essence for Pets Home || Dakara's Calming Essence for Pets Testimonials
Rescued Animal Support  ||  Suggested Usage || Personal Pet Blend || What are Flower Essences || Order 

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